Contract Address

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The OMD Token is a means of payment of the American Company of Technological and Digital Developments LLC, and of the Group of Companies that will be Created. The Token Usability route includes multiple companies and developments such as: OMDexchange, OMDwallet, Video Games, Educational Social Network, NFTs, Metaverse and OMD Blockchain. In addition, through a Financial Holding, import and export of metal waste, Oil and different Items will be carried out. In addition to all the Usability that the community can give you. There is a Token Mining Program where half of the Supply (1,000 million) will be distributed.
50% Stacking program, 25% reserve for 3 years, 15% for pancake Swapp
TrustWallet, Stacking program, Pancakeswap
NFT, Marketplace, Game, KYC, Digital gold mining