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✅Husky Coin is the crypto Metaverse you've been waiting for. ✅HUSKY isn’t average cryptocurrency. ✅It is the people Metaverse cryptocurrency. ✅A movement. ​ ✅By combining the power of memes with Metaverse, HUSKY gives power and opportunity to the people -- to the underdogs -- instead of venture capitalists and hedge funds. ✅HUSKY aims to to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world. 🔥BUY -🔥 📩e-mail for investors [email protected]📩
💰 Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 ❇️ 9 % Marketing ✅ 1 % Developers ( Token Locked for 12 Months ) ❇️ 5 % Partnerships & Exchanges ( Token Locked for 3 Months )
Metaverse - HuskyVerse