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ABOUT SLUMDOGz "CHARITYVERSE" We are building a unique META (CharityVerse) with 5 levels in 5 districts where you can stay. (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze). The 5 districts will be free to walk around, where you will have the opportunity to design, customize and build the areas completely freely. Depending on the opportunity, you will also have level-spanning rewards, a constantly growing product chain that will be expandable with increasing resources. In addition, the DOGz of the districts have the opportunity to establish a cooperation with other districts to upgrade the areas or exchange resources among themselves. Metaverse-wide, all products (assets) that you buy, build and construct virtually will actually be implemented in reality by us and all our partners. Play2Earn Play2Help. Why SLUMDOGz You’ve always wanted to help or run your own project to make a difference?? But have had bad experiences and fear because you don’t know what will happen to your investment or where it will end up? You have always wanted to own property/land or area??? Real & virtual, where projects are designed, planned, built, managed and administered by us on your behalf!? You’ve always dreamed of being part/co-owner or owner of your own charity campaign??? Come and Join us!! We offer 100% transparency, create, plan and build a cross-platform bridge to companies and partners interested in real, future-oriented (ideal) values. We enable and design access to digitalisation/tokenisation, as well as acceptance and protection by us. In the meantime, you can go about your normal business, or just sit back and enjoy your Reflections, which guarantees our holders an ever-growing portfolio. We are building a future by people for people, ensuring that in Day Zero areas, access to the most necessary resources, as well as the most important elements of life, is secured! You’ve always had the thought and dream of making the world a better place… where you can make your own decisions!!! and your own actions can have the greatest impact to make a difference? Then we say now! Welcome to SLUMDOGz
3% Reflections, 2% Burning, 2% Auto-LQ, 3% Dev 3% Marketing
15% BNB Rewards, Whale friendly, Huge Profits, Unique Bridge
Metaverse, NFT, Play2Earn Play2Build