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Cartoon Doge" is a one of a kind cryptocurrency bringing to life a long awaited Cartoon Animated Series featuring everyone's favorite Meme Character "Doge". The idea came to life after seeing the demand for a new cartoon animated character that would easily fit in and take the center stage in the entertainment industry captivating the "Gen Z" audience and Cryptocurency fans all over the world in this New Digital Era. "Cartoon Doge" is also working on filing an official trademark, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for a very unique item that will go viral once it hits its online store. "Cartoon Doge" will also introduce its own unique collection of NFT's prior the release of its animated series. This collection will feature all of the characters set to be in the cartoon. The team is excited to be in the frontlines of a project that will be creative, fun and entertaining while having a profitable token that everyone will want to own and hold! SEE YOU ALL AT THE TOP!!!
burnTax|uint256 : 10 buybackTax|uint256 : 0 devTax|uint256 : 10 marketingTax|uint256 : 60 liquidityTax|uint256 : 20 rewardsTax|uint256 : 0 buyTax|uint256 : 10 sellTax|uint256 : 10 transferTax|uint256 : 0
we do buy backs and max wallet is 40T!
NFT's , Games , Rewards and more !