Contract Address

Table image 0xe43EB4A0606130FDaC5a0b9d67E3f9C5181bc032

πŸ“’ Important ! Less than 1 day left until Baby Loki will be listed πŸ“’ βœ… Best memecoin 2022 βœ… KYC & AUDIT βœ… 500 Global partners & KOLs βœ… TOP 1 Trending on Unicrypt - Coinscope - Coinxhigh βœ… Crossed soft cap in few minutes βœ… All UNCL Burned out in 1 sec to get in our presale You shouldn't miss this! We are happy to announce BaBy Loki will be listed on pancakeswap with token : BLOKI Contract: 0xe43EB4A0606130FDaC5a0b9d67E3f9C5181bc032 Listing date : July 2nd : 12:00 UTC on β€œPancakeswap”
60% Presale 30 % Lp 8% Burn 2% Fee
Memecoin - Spin to earn