Contract Address

Table image 0xd842d8cfe374eff78236fa14d7bee6ea8c5cf8d1

Bixer is the utility token of the Beyond Medieval metaverse. A next generation medieval metaverse focused on the everyday life of the Middle Ages with touches of fantasy. Currently in funding stage. Acquire one of the 25,000 plots for sale on our website. Once we reach 400 BNB raised we will make a fair launch of the Bixer token. Ratio 1 BNB = 50000 Bixer.
Total supply: 300.000.000 LP: 20.000.000 Dev Fund: 10.000.000 Team wallet: 8.000.000 Marketing fund: 1.000.000 Game wallet: 261.000.000 Wallet + LP = locked Fund = unlocked
Mint an nft 0,25 BNB plus gas.
Metaverse, NFT, utility token