Contract Address

Table image 0xd0c4026dfc10ac0c65cb6ac8d89139ddc46590f9

Pollen is built on the Binance Smart Chain network, for its obvious advantages like low gas fees and fast network. Pollen has a limited total supply of 1 billion tokens, and the call for burn can only be initiated by the community. POLLEN is not just another token, and we are sure not just another community-driven project. We aim to be more than that, and our goal is to build a strong community with a project built to replenish nature and owned by the community. Pollen adopts a reward system for green conservation. In order to encourage a green nature, participants who are active in nature conservation in whatever obvious way will get rewarded with Pollen. The act can be as simple as planting a tree or practicing sustainable waste disposal.
4% Liquidity 4% Marketing 2% Holders
Token NFT