Octopus Verse


Contract Address

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Octopus Verse is a one-of-a-kind BSC blockchain based metaverse token that is unique to the real life and global world for each technology user and sponsor company industry stakeholders in the metaverse world. To talk about the Octopus Verse In story: According to Octopus Verse, life begins under the sea and mythologically, this octopus is actually an enormous symbol of the reflection of the universe. Octopus Verse is based on the map planning of the token. ※ Don't miss this opportunity to win and have fun for the first time in this unique mega world of Octopus Verse! ※ TAX: 2% Buy - 2% Sell ✩Website: http://overse.finance ✩Telegram:https://t.me/overse_portal
Buy 2%, Sell 2%