Baby Antis Inu


Contract Address

Table image 0xa6ad1f47219952f94958cd76db5c3dbcfe0f4572

2% Reflections for even more tokens. Even more tokens means even more reflections. 3% transaction fee is sent to the Liquidity to ever increase the floor price, keeping you guys safe from falling below launch. 3% transaction fee is sent to the Marketing Wallet to help promote us further. New investors means more buys, More buys means more reflections and higher floor. I know you're exited. Now for the 12% sell tax. Whats a buy tax without a slightly higher sell tax? Lets have a look: 3% Reflections. More equals, well, more. Everyone loves a bag full of token. 5% LP for an even higher contribution to setting the floor price above taget. That taget always being higher and higher. 4% Marketing for even more attention to this gem. 1% buyback to help counter the sells and yes, reflections are included in these buybacks.
12% tax-3% Reflection, 5% LP, 4% Marketing