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REMEMBER (RMBR) is the symbol and essential element of the "Remember park" project, the first commemorative commercial park in the world where every single element, brick, tree, bench, corner can be customized. A long-term project that starts with the creation of a metaverse and then develops a physical place. A park where you can spend a pleasant day surrounded by nature, where every corner will make you discover something new. A place designed to host the best events. A magical world where you wanted to leave something of yourself.   REMEMBER (RMBR) token represents: 1) A funding vahicle: The Remember project revolves around the usability, distribution and use of the RMBR token. 2) A payment title: All Remember services can only be purchased with the RMBR token 3) A community: Being a holder of the RMBR token gives you unique and exclusive benefits.
60% Locked Liquidity 20% Liquidity Mining 18% Project Investments 2% Team and marketing