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YOUWHO is a Crypto Based On-Demand Services Platform, with the main mission of ending global unemployment (or at least trying to make a big dent in it!) by harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies. We want to give everyone in the world a chance to make a living using the skills they possess, and offer their services to the world. Particularly in these tough times a lot of people have either lost their job, been furloughed, or many want to make additional income or become self-employed completely. We want to build a platform whereby anyone can offer their services to anyone else in the world, and payments are facilitated by cryptocurrencies. For instance a user in Cambodia could get a second opinion from a Doctor in Europe, or another user in China might want to hire an interior designer from Italy, or on a local level a user may urgently need a nearby mechanic to help start their car. The possibilities are endless as we are connecting service providers to customers in a peer to peer manner. We are very passionate about this project and feel it could really be helpful to the everyday person especially in these crazy times, and is a perfect use case for cryptocurrencies.
ICO 3.73% 1,900,000,000 25% monthly from LD Seed 5.00% 2,550,000,000 none Founders 5.00% 2,550,000,000 1 year from TGE then 10% every 2 months Operations 5.00% 2,550,000,000 10% quarterly from TGE Development 5.00% 2,550,000,000 10% every 2 months from TGE Incentive Rewards 5.00% 2,550,000,000 Claimable after TGE Marketing 15.00% 7,650,000,000 10% every 2 months from LD Liquidity Pool 4.90% 2,500,000,000 10% quarterly from LD up to 66% max. Unlocked LP tokens will be used to provide liquidity on the Ethereum and Polygon networks evenly Locked 51.37% 26,200,000,000 Locked tokens will only be claimable by Users and Participants of the youwho ecosystem, e.g. Users making a transaction and leaving a review via the ecosystem will be rewarded with a small amount of tokens. For more information please read our whitepaper. Total 51,000,000,000
YOUWHO is the world's first Proof of Participation based Decentralized Finance Ecosystem aiming to tackle Real World problems, we call this ReDeFi. While most DeFi platforms are reiterations of existing DeFi applications such as: yield farming, staking, token exchanges, NFT marketplaces, etc., we are looking to break the mold by utilising this amazing technology that is cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance to solve real world problems such as unemployment and banking the unbanked, which we believe go hand in hand. We aim to empower anyone to be their own Boss by combining the concepts behind the world's leading marketplaces, social networks, and banking platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, Grab, Ebay, Amazon, Fiverr, Facebook, and Paypal under one ecosystem, while utilizing cryptocurrencies to settle payments worldwide.
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