Contract Address

Table image 0xAefDA5C5DD0D1C607523f3e0eF3ea3E4EC8c2C64

LinkBridge is a Mexico-based registered company offering an ecosystem aiming at connecting start-ups with investors and professionals. The LinkBridge Ethereum blockchain-based token, LNKB, was created for different purposes aiming at strengthening and facilitating business transactions happening between the three main stakeholders: start-ups, investors, and freelancers. By using LNKB, these parties would be able have access to services available through the LinkBridge platform and App, like getting listed for crowdfunding purposes, investing in start-ups and do freelance work. Also, start-ups would be able to pay freelancers working for them in LNKB as an option and freelancers would be able to appear on top of a freelancer leaderboard based on the number of LNKB they earn and accumulate. In the future, LNKB would be used as collateral for loans offered to start-ups since LinkBridge is in an alliance with Booster Capital, a SOFOM ENR (Sociedad Financiera de Objeto MĂșltiple) in Mexico - a special type of Mexican financial entity which can grant loans. By understanding the needs of the cryptocurrency community, start-ups, the average person, investors, and freelancers, LinkBridge paves a way for all its users for plenty of opportunities and achieving success, leading the community to economic development and financial independence and security.
600000000 is the total supply
wallet, lending, payment & access utility