Never Dump Always Pump Protocol


Contract Address

Table image 0xAe488aac5f6F42cbFB058a625Cb78D0e1d9caFeC

NDAPP stands for Never Dump Always Pump Protocol, and it's a dump-proof new economic model in DeFi deployed on the BSC network designed to help users achieve financial freedom. NDAPP is essentially an auto-staking token that passively generates profits at a daily 1.93% but, at the same time, prevents the price from dumping by limiting the daily profit-taking from 5% to 1%. The team is aware of the importance of being transparent and has acted accordingly, providing safe practices for users to feel at home. These include KYC (Pinksale and Ape O Clock), Audit (Cyberscope), Liquidity locked, Funds management through smart contracts, Auto burn straight to the dEaD address, and many more. The project's sustainability is guaranteed thanks to the Taxation principle, which applies to every purchase, sale, or transfer.
LIquidity 30% | Presale 61% | Team 5% | Pinksale 2%
Never Dump Always Pump Protocol on BSC Dump-Proof Mechanism Maximum Daily Withdrawal 1% to 5% - Healthy Chart Fixed Daily Compounding at 1.93% Safest Auto-staking Token - KYC and Audit