Koin Micin


Contract Address

Table image 0xACDFb3459eF56413A8DFA39e4932bF058072d588

Not just a "Meme Token", we are born on the Binance Smart Chain network with a strong community. The Koin Micin has a utility namely "KOINMICINEXCHANGE" the Exchange Platform on the Binance Smart Chain, which will become part of The Next Generation Xchange. KOIN MICIN has a mission to hold charity to help less fortunate children in our environment. CHARITY PROGRAM Their children are born into poverty…and the cycle continues. With your support, KOIN MICIN aims to put an help to generational poverty, Set aside the marketing funds collected from KOINMICIN transactions. KOINMICIN EXCHANGE Exchange is a token that has its own exchange application features with a typical exchange application appearance. we have a mission to make this token a sign of a bright future for its investors, our project goal is to make farm features and towards hotbit market and other exchanges, (Registration By TG : @AxolotlVore).
2% LP 2% Reflecion 4% Marketing
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