Contract Address

Table image 0x95Db3085AC93fB7fF8CAA7f928A2530bee6D45aA

Create a MIRU advertising campaign To invite any business, including business, art, fashion, services, tourism, marketing, education, etc., which in addition to being seen and introduced, attract a wider audience from potential customers to friends and partners. Provides for cooperation and expansion of activities from other parts of the world. As a result, it can be a complete reference for investors and activists around the world, and it is a good space for entrepreneurs to get ideas to start any union. Also, by creating this platform, people without capital can make a profit by promoting the products of activists and even selling ideas to investors. The purpose of this project In addition to increasing and expanding jobs, it is building trust and transparency in the supply Blockchain in the global community and is committed to using Blockchain solutions empower all aspects of the business supply Blockchain . We are going to MIRU To become the largest digital business development center in the world
The purchase transaction fee is 5%and the sale transaction fee is 10% . For each transaction ,3% automatic token burning is done This value is divided as follows: 2% transfer to DEAD wallet. 1% transfer to Holders wallet. The anti_inflationary property of this token will reduce the number of token in circulation and increase its price due to token burning.