Virtual Identity Coin


Contract Address

Table image 0x784a5A6B4BBB8d49D6D84239705B9d356b75a70e

It is a virtual platform that creates a virtual identity based on the information it receives from the user, and the user can use this created identity to operate in the exchange, etc. Why virtual identity? 1- Creating a virtual identity by the user. 2- All identities are the same. 3- No tax. 4- No government's new rules. 5- it's available anytime and anywhere. 6- Use on the contracting party's sites. HOW IT WORKS: It uses the best cryptography models to build relationships between projects and users because users play an important role in projects. This cryptographic model helps us to expand our environment and meet the needs of our users by building the required projects. 1 This platform receives a good score due to solving the problems of a large number of virtual users. 2 Blockchain wallet for high security. 3 User-oriented and easy to use. 4 Ease of access through different devices.
3% Advisory team , 5% Marketing , 9% Liquidity , 11% Bonus/Steak , 13% Ecosystem , 17% Development team , 42% Sale/Pre-sale
Virtual Identity