Learning Cash


Contract Address

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First Cryptocurrency developed for the Online Education segment. Learning Cash is a cryptocurrency that aims to reduce the bureaucracy of paying for online courses, the demand is huge because the cost of banking services is very high for international transactions, so the solution of our project allows Institutions, Independent Teachers and Course Platforms online accept the cryptocurrency $EAD. Simultaneously, students who need to take a specific course can quickly enroll in an online course, regardless of their location, by paying with Learning Cash altcoins. Our project is the first and only project in the segment of buying and selling online courses, whether students, teachers and online course platforms, we can also extend it to school material merchants, in the future everyone in the segment will use Learning Cash, mainly with the arrival of Web 3.0
100.000.000 Total Supply, 70% Circulating Supply, 20% For developers and for creating new technology, 10% For Marketing
Creation of a gateway for selling Courses using the $EAD cryptocurrency with integration for online course platforms that use WordPress, Launch of Learning Swap, Launch of the NFT Creation Platform, Launch of the NFT Marketplace, Our Own Blockchain, Dapp, Launchpad.