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ApeSwap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon focused on offering a premier trading experience. Users are incentivized to pool liquidity on ApeSwap through yield farming to earn the native currency, $BANANA. Additionally, apes can use their earned $BANANA to stake and earn other tokens and unlock exclusive features. Built by DeFi apes, for DeFi apes, we have a dedicated team with years of experience who are committed to the DeFi community and growing the ApeSwap Jungle.
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↔️ Trade The exchange is a Decentralized Exchange (more specifically an Automated Market Maker) that allows any combination of two tokens to be exchanged on Binance Smart Chain on Polygon. Additionally, ApeSwap's partner ApeMex offers additional trading functionality (primarily leverage trading), which uses ApeSwap's DEX in the background! 💸 Earn You can earn BANANA by yield farming, earn through staking, and earn even more tokens with our pools using BANANA or GNANA tokens! 🔥 Invest Participate in Initial Ape Offerings (or IAOs) to catch the hottest projects early! 🎁 Collect Become an established O.G. in the ApeSwap community by acquiring your very own Non Fungible Ape!
Self service IAO launchpad for new projects, NFAs, partnerships and more.