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The blockchain concept and the fact that it gives people control over how they manage their finances is an amazing thing. However, there is a pattern or trend where almost everyone on the blockchain has either been rugged, dumped on, or scammed. We at Rebellion have had enough of losing our hard-earned money for the benefit of others. For that reason, we are here to start a community-focused DeFi token. Bringing power back to the investors. We are here for you and have your best interests at heart. All token decisions will be made by each and every one of our holders. In the end, if you invest money in something, you should have the final say on what happens, what the road map should contain, and where we all want to end up. We all have got to stand together and break the current trend in this space and show the true power of the people.
Operations : 2 % Marketing : 2 % Liquidity : 2 % Burn : 1 % 10% Sell Tax Operations : 2 % Marketing : 4 % Liquidity : 3 % Burn : 1 %