Royal BNB Community


Contract Address

Table image 0x5A3c65786c8BE8821c76f2dc3fd3bbAD8F05935c

Royal BNB Community ($RNC) is a deflationary token that allows you to receive passive income on a progressive scale in BNB, automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding the RNC token. The Royal BNB community is fully decentralized and aims to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts into the mainstream in one easy-to-understand project. A decentralized community contributes to the long-term development of the ecosystem, which will lead to real use cases, greater rewards and popularity beyond any temporary trends. RNC is a hyperdeflation token created and thought out by the holders. It works as an independent reward generation protocol with a 1% increase in reward for each achievement of 5,000 RNC token holders due to proportional tax increases, as well as automatic burning using buyback functions. The owners of the Royal BNB community benefit from static rewards, as well as through automatic burning built into the contract.
Presale 50%, Liquidity 30%, Marketing 10%, Staking 10%