Refugees Token


Contract Address

Table image 0x4477b28e8b797ebaebd2539bb24290fdfcc27807

oken is a unique cryptocurrency that aims to provide emergency and long-run assistance to refugees by using blockchain technology. It is a unique token that makes charitable initiatives for its investors when they buy or trade the token on the markets.10% of the total supply goes out to help refugees. 5% of the transaction money is credited for charitable activities. The token is deflationary in nature in the sense that it awards tokens for just holding the cryptocurrency. This also ensures token stability because, with every purchase, the supply of tokens burns automatically.One can avoid the 10% tax and contribute towards charity by simply joining their whitelist. The whitelisted investor also automatically signs up for their rewards and prizes.The token has shown 10 times growth in investment for the early investors. In a span of 5 months, Refugees Token has locked in over 3000 holders.
Refugees Token has been designed to be a deflationary token that rewards you with tokens simply for holding. Transactions have a 10% tax fee which is divided into 5% auto adding to liquidity and 5% distributed to holders and the burn address. Over 52% of our token's supply has been sent to the burn address from the beginning of our project.
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