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Table image 0x21FeCfFF675ac39442633105bD9c8Afb7776A23c

THE LAUNCHPAD PROTOCOL FOR CRYPTO We are here to make your wish come true. Beyond ready to assist you in creating and launching your token, Liquidity locking, Staking and Farming. New era Launchpad WaysPad is here to unleash the new standard of Launchpad in Crypto Space.Our technology is designed to assist you in creating and launching your own project. In collaboration with numbers of trusted third-party providers. This will prevent scam and protect the investor from high risk token. We will try to help you make your milky way in launching your project by providing a space to sell your initial token. WaysPad offers you a complete package features such as: Assist your token listing on PinkSwap, UniSwap, ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, KuSwap and QuickSwap by Locking your LP and adding a vesting period of your token. We are here to help you deliver your project,(Registration By TG : @AxolotlVore.)
15% Cex, 22,7% Burning, 3% Dev, 5% Marketing, 21,6 Presale, 6% Presale, 11,7% Liquidity, 5% Team, 10% Staking.
Launchpad, Staking, Locker, Wallet