Contract Address

Table image 0x1e75E3FFeCC97E5F8310275018ea5596B70814c3

The bitcoin2 - BTC2 , is a decentralized token with same total suply like Bitcoin and anti whale system .The first BTC2 idea is give for people second chance to buy Bitcoin. Why BTC2 is more good than Bitcoin, and why it great token for long holding ?Because BTC2 have anti whale system , no one token or coin have not this system !BTC2 working on BSC - Binance Smart Chain block chain , and have not big transaction fee. How working "anti whale system" ? Anti whale system working like in this example : you can buy 200,000 BTC2 for $10,000, but if you want to invest $100,000 in BTC2 you will not take 10 time more BTC2 you will take 208,000 BTC2, so this is example how working anti whale system of BTC2. Who is founder of BTC2 ? The founder of BTC2 is Alan Dikshit, his age 13 years old , Alan created : BTC2 contract, lounched it on pancake swap and created anti whale system.
100% in liquidity .