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Table image 0x00009867ad47159e88c0c81d81a4f023d82857d30b689846ee9b24ba6c625b9

KYC COIN YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS KYC is a high-tech decentralized coin that is part of the KYC ecosystem. It can be used for online and offline shopping. The idea behind the coin is not only to make using cryptos as easy as possible but also to offer the highest degree of protection. KYCC is based on the Proof of Stake mechanism and utilizes an advanced privacy algorithm.
IEO - 1,4% = 7000000 Coin Founder - 10% = 50000000 Coin Team - 12% = 60000000 Coin Partners$Advisors - 5% = 25000000 Coin Private Sale - 4,75% = 25750000 Coin Public Sale - 23,1% = 115500000 Coin Reserved for Liquidity -15% = 75000000 Coin Staking, Rewards - 22% = 11000000 Coin Referrals - 0.5% = 2500000 Coin Bonus & Bounties - 5% = 25000000 Coin Airdrop - 1,25% = 6250000 Coin
KYC Coin - is a hybrid B2C / B2B project that makes cryptocurrency payments and investments easy, fast and secure. It is based on its own blockchain, which uses an advanced privacy algorithm and a creative dynamic supply chain regulation protocol. Anyone who owns KYC coins can stake and receive rewards. For individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, a full set of tools is offered, both online and offline: a crypto payment gateway, invoicing and instant access to funds received, making payments, generating a new address for each transaction. There are also many advantages for companies compared to payments using bank cards and other services that provide processing of cryptocurrency payments. Thanks to us, you can take complete control over your digital assets.