Pure utility token goodness, no transaction fees to do as you please. Profit sharing, use cases and endless ongoing development. Available to buy on PancakeSwap.
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There are no fees built in to the Chron Smart Contract, so you can enjoy feeless buys, sells and trades.


Marketing listings, token listings, voting / rankings, charts, mini audits, promotions and more services on the way.

Profit Sharing

A portion of all profits generated will be invested directly back into the project in the form of buy backs, Marketing and rewards.


Strategic partnerships are vital for the growth and longevity of any project, so we are constantly looking to establish new mutually benficial partnerships for Chron.


In development: Gain access to premium services, receive discounts, buy NFT, special in game items / features, gamification initiatives and more.

Projects in Development

Not all of the Chron Ecosystem will be available immediately at launch, but will be added in future updates and releases. For more details on our projects, please visit our docs page located here: Development Projects


Lootboxes may drop randomly at any time for those who hold enough Chron ($XCR) and participate in various activities or events. Lootboxes may contain special NFT, Chron ($XCR) token, or other surprises.
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Charting will be added to our Token Details page in order to provide even more information and utility to our investors and customers. Additional features and enhancements will be added over time.
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Chron will have its own set of NFT that gets created in-house as well as through various partnerships that we establish. NFT will be used as lootbox rewards and some will be able to be purchased.
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Token Unlock Schedule

Project token unlocks begin on January 4th, 2022 at which time they will be re-evaluated for use to establish a new market, relocked, burnt or a combination of this depending on need. The initial lock period is short in case we have opportunities arise that we can take advantage of shortly post launch. Dev, project and community tokens will be released gradually over the 2022 year to ensure a better price stability and prevent any large token dumps on to the market.

Liquidity Lock

Liquidity will be locked in increments of 3 months in order to allow flexbility for moving liquidity to new DEX or contract updates if approved by our community. Liquidity will be re-locked if there is no existing need to move it.

Project Funds Lock

We have locked 200,000,000 project tokens until 1/4/2022 through Pinksale that can be verified HERE

Dev Token Lock

Developer tokens will unlock using 20% intervals starting 1/1/2022 and ending 12/1/2022. This can be verified HERE

Distribution Chart

Unused tokens that are not part of the liquidity pool, or designated for a specific function (such as project growth) will be locked and unlocked at various intervals. When a portion of tokens become unlocked, the Chron team will determine if there is an immediate use for these tokens (such as creating a new market or adding to our liquidity pools). If there is no immediate use case for the unlocked tokens, they will either be re-locked, burnt, or a combination of the two. This is to ensure that the Chron token can have a long life and expand to new markets as needed in the future.

Tokens designated as "Community" will be used for community incentive programs and rewards. Project growth and unsold presale tokens will be utilized to establish new markets on DEX and CEX listings or other Marketing needs. Migration tokens are designated for those who migrated from our previous contract. Liquidity from our previous contract will be added to PancakeSwap in order to compensate for this additional pool which only makes up a small % of total supply.