Is this token safe to invest in?

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The trust of our community is extremely important to us and we have taken the following measures in order to ensure safety and security for our project. Chron has decided to partner with TrustSwap to create a pure utility token on Binance Smart Chain. TrustSwap Mint is fully audited by both Certik and Hacken which provides a pre-audited contract for the Chron token. Project, Dev and Community token and liquidity will be locked on a schedule that will be shared and verifiable by the community and we will continue to make security our highest priority for all of our products and services.

To provide additional safety and win our investors trust, we have decided to lock our dev wallets. Dev wallet tokens will unlock in increments of 20% every 2-3 months. This is a clear indication that we are long-term oriented and a committed team that is working hard on our project to succeed in long-term. Chron Token’s utility is our focus.

This is not financial advice, so please always do your own research before investing!

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CertiK is one of the most trusted blockchain security technology companies in the world.

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Hacken CyberSecurity Services. Leading Security Consulting Company with an essential focus on blockchain security.

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Is there any protection against massive "whale" buying and selling?

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Large and influential traders exist in every market even markets that are fiercly regulated and there isn't a whole lot you can do to prevent them from buying and selling as they please. Really, this is how it should always be anyway rather than trying to enforce max transaction fees and other arbitrary limitations, we believe in fair free trade.

Our goal is to create products and services that will serve our investors for the long term rather than worry too much about short term highs and lows. We purposely implemented a no fee tokenomics structure so that our investors can trade as often and as much as they please to create a fair playing field for everyone.

Why is the total supply only 1 billion?

We have analyzed the top 100 coins listed on CMC and carefully observed price development and supply. We came to conclusion that it’s not important to mint as much tokens as possible to succeed with the project. Holding trillions of a token is more a psychological and marketing gimmick than a promising measurement for quality nor does it represent the utility of the token. The launch price starts usually with countless zeros after decimal point, which is not common in the crypto industry. We chose 1B since it’s in the range of the top 100 most dominating coins in the market and it didn’t cause any complicating mathematical and technical issues when we migrated all investors to our new contract.

Why are some of the Chron team members anonymous?

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One of our team members has doxxed himeslef and have active links to his personal social media while the rest of us are unable to do so officially due to our regular day jobs. We are considering multiple Know Your Client (KYC) options, but want to make sure we select a good partner for this, so we will revisit in the future if the community demand is there.

What makes this project special?

Unlike many projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Chron is a real project with real goals and a dedicated developer team. We started Space Knight (SPACEK) earlier this year and have learned a lot through this process. We made the decision to migrate to a new contract as we want to be taken seriously as a project and team rather than looked at like just another "meme" token. This move requires a lot of work, time and effort on our part which just goes to show our level of commitment.

Aside from our dedication as developers of Chron (XCR), we are launching our new contract alongside our first usecase project which brings some unique products and services that will be leveraged to increase the value of our token over time. We want our products and services to speak for themselves, by being user-friendly, innovative and offer improved functionalities that are not yet seen in the market. The crypto industry is a fast changing and dynamic environment. That is why we are aware of the necessity to improve our products day by day.

Do you plan to renounce contract ownership?

Simply put, no, we do not plan to renounce contract ownership. That said, because we have selected a token contract that is based strictly on utility, there are very few functions that we actually have access to within the contract. Essentially, we are only able to process burns and transfers from our own wallets. You can verify this by looking at the contract on BscScan.

With no tokenomics in place, how will you make money to fund the project?

A portion of all profits generated from products and services will be invested back in to Chron in the form of buy backs, Marketing and investor rewards. We feel that this is a much better way to create long term project funds rather than relying solely transaction volume and fees.